tube etiquette

Ashleigh Young is a New Zealander living in London.  On her blog, she wrote a lovely little piece about travelling on the tube, and she included a bit about my ‘public transport’ drawings. It’s great to see that the drawings strike a note with people like Ashleigh. And what she’s written about ‘tube etiquette’ is, I feel, exactly...


I wrote about the new Robert Crumb retrospective in Paris, for Vingt Paris Magazine, and also the Art Spiegelman show at the Pompidou Centre‘s library, which was just great.But most exciting of all was that I got to hang out with Gilbert Shelton while I was there. I’ll write up the meeting soon, but in the meantime, there are some photos here.(You’ll see that’s on my new facebook page. You should ‘like’ it. Oh, go...


A short piece I wrote about the new Jean Jacques Sempé exhibition, at Paris’ Hôtel de Ville, for Vingt Paris magazine.


I wrote about Italian comic book legend Hugo Pratt (well, Corto Maltese) for Vingt Paris Magazine.


I wrote about the new Moebius exhibition at la Fondation Cartier, for Vingt Paris.